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Vivek Dhumale

The Best Team Always Wins

A boy from a middle-class family in mofussil area of India transformed himself and became a business tycoon in 11 years. Leadership on various subjects such as Strategic Planning, Building Sales Culture, Setting Finance and Operations and at various levels, Vivek understood that ‘Secret of Success’ is altogether different when it comes to real life than what most of us perceive.

Vivek has worked closely with more than 100 groups—from CEOs to young professionals and students—across Business Verticals viz. Manufacturing to MNCs, Industries to Institutes, Healthcare to Housing. Vivek’s strength lies in his ability and proficiency in dealing with lowest to topmost ranks in an organization and masters the art of ‘Empowering an Entrepreneur’ Which he believes lies in every individual.

Vivek was born in district place called Amravati in Maharashtra. His parents have dedicated their lives in social work and played a key role in developing Anandvan, one of the largest leprosy hospice in the world. He also runs a large charitable organisation called ‘My Sparsh’. (www.mysparsh.org.in), working for “Ordinary People For Their Extra- Ordinary Services” Vivek completed his Engineering from Amaravati. He started his professional career with the then rising star of Indian IT industry, HCL, Infosystems Ltd. In his short stint at HCL, he shined and was honoured with a Salesforce Certification. Then he joined KLG systel Oracle Product Sales. Before starting his own company, he worked with E-link Software Technologies as National Head Sales.

Currently, Vivek is serving on the boards of directors of various companies including KDJ Motors,Multi Brand USED Car Showroom, Sukhaadi Infrastructure (an Infrastructure development and Construction Company) , e-Whiz solutions Pvt LTD - A leading MNC - IT company, has 6 branches in India and each in USA, UAE & Sales Pro Masters,Pune.

After working for almost 11 years with Corporate Executive, He decided to share this ‘Secret of Success’ with others and empower society. His dedication towards it is so intense that in spite of serving on board for three successful ventures, he is committed to fulfil the mission of “Empowering the Entrepreneurship Within Yourself” and transform organizations, individuals and community. He is an instigator, motivator, disrupter, teacher, researcher, innovator and leader. What sets him apart from the field of speakers is his ability to bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing any industry or group thus enriching and pushing entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales teams and eager employees to reach to the next levels.

After winning notable awards in a young business career such as ‘Best Entrepreneur Award’ by the Maratha Chambers of Commerce in 2018 & Won the Award for e-Whiz “Best Grand Slam-2017”, Vivek believes awards are very important to re-energize and re-align yourself to move on success path.

Vivek finds himself in the epicentre of any organization he Is associated with by working closely with the management, setting up core values, vision, building and structuring the teams and working with them, inculcating the corporate culture in stakeholders and most importantly aligning the teams in forward and positive direction.

After a successful Ranji Career in Cricket, where others would consider a career in playing, Vivek chose a path in ‘Umpiring’ and claims to have taken an appropriate decision then. The catalyst that launched him to develop the art of ‘pressure tactics’, ‘dealing during intense situations, ability to think when the odds are against you.

He is associated with professional associations like Marattha Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Business Network International and Pune Rotary Club.

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